Girl Haven

“Part fantasy-adventure, part coming-of-age story, Girl Haven is a ripping yarn that also does a fine job of explaining a singular gender experience while making it clear that there are many different gender experiences, none of which is wrong.”


“A beautifully poignant and imaginative fantasy in the vein of Nimona, Girl Haven is a story about identity and what it really means to discover the magic of who you are, set against the back-drop of a fantastical world full of sorcery, friendship, and the cutest fairy tale creatures!”

The Mary Sue

Three years ago, Ash’s mom left home and never returned, leaving behind a husband and child and a shed full of mystical curiosities related to the all-girl fantasy world she’d created as a child—Koretris. One day Ash invites a new group of friends from Pride Club over, and they try one of the spells to enter Koretris. To their amazement, they’re all transported to a magical realm filled with human-sized talking animals who are fiercely protective of their world and are ready to fight to protect it. But if Koretris is real, why is Ash there? Everyone has always called Ash a boy—shouldn’t the spell have kept Ash out? And what does it mean if it let Ash in?

Written by Lilah Sturges
Art by Meaghan Carter
Lettering by Joamette Gil

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